The Spirit Of Rejection


Almost everyone experiences rejection during their lifetime. Many people have discovered the hurts from the past still plague them even though they may have a personal relationship with God. These “soul wounds” may have come from a spirit of rejection which can stay with a person their entire life unless they receive healing.

A spirit of rejection can enter a person a number of ways. Children may feel rejected while still in the womb due to parental issues. Trauma during pregnancy or at birth can open the door to a spirit of rejection. Rejection can come through the words or actions of parents, siblings or other authority figures.

A spirit of rejection will manifest in many ways, categorized as aggressive, self-rejection and countermeasures.  Self-rejection includes fear, grief and hopelessness.

I encourage you to take the time to watch this video by Charles Stanley.


3 thoughts on “The Spirit Of Rejection

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  2. Rejection is one of the MANY oppressive spirits that can harass a man or woman throughout their lifetime. Charles Stanley is right, most of this spirits origins come from the womb or forward. It however if not properly dealt with, can manifest into a legion of spirits and even demonic possession in the individual. Jesus NEVER healed anyone of a oppression or possession in God’s word..he CAST the demons out..they were delivered from the harassment and the oppression or possession by the POWER of Christ. Some people have oppressive spirits that follow them to harass them through loved ones, friends, co-workers, spouses, and more. These demonic spirits enter through a portal or weak situation of faith between individuals, and uses each of them to destroy what God ultimately has planned. We are living in the DAYS OF NOAH..they are the last days…and during that time frame, demonic spirits walked the earth as fallen angels. has not changed. Those days have returned, because Jesus stated that “as the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the son of Man be”….We must be educated and study to show ourselves approved to fight these battles with the armor of God and Christ as our advocate. Jesus gave the disciples AUTHORITY to cast these demons out and to denounce their presence..YOU MUST SPEAK them OUT of existence in your life….you cannot think it, it is the spoke word that Jesus used to cast them out, and Christ told the disciples and the world..YOU WILL DO GREATER things then this..with Christs strength and the power of the Holy Spirit. so….what you waiting for..GO CAST OUT SOME DEMONS in Jesus name and get your life back..get your JOY back..get your love back for CHRIST and send the demons where they belong!! PRAISE GOD for all that will be done in Jesus name

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